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The Best Autumn Hikes in Catalunya

panoramic view of the sanctuary of Rocacorba and the Pyrenees in the distance
The Santuario de Rocacorba

One of the best Autumn hikes in Catalunya is the walk up from Canet d'Adri to the Santuari de Rocacorba.

an oak tree with a sign to rocacroba
Follow the Yellow and White trail markers

This lovely walk up the Cingles (cliffs in Catalan) is located in between Banyoles and Girona (about 40 minutes from Casa Cal Domino ). To take the family up this path to the Sactuari de Rocacorba, you'll need to follow this googlemap exactly...... The last few kms are via a dirt track which can be accessed by a normal car. If you follow the signs to Rocacorba you'll arrive at the Sanctary by car.

At the bottom of the hill, there is a field to park the car and the path to the top is well marked. Just follow the Yellow and White trail markers. You can't go wrong on this route.... it is very well marked.

The path gently winds its way up the hill with a few steep bits here and there and close to the top a few bits where the trail gets close to the cliff edge. It can be done with people with mild vertigo and is family friendly.

aerial view of the sanctuary on a rock at the top of the mountain
The santuari de Rocacorba

It takes about 90 minutes to walk up to the Santuari, so pack lots of water and sun cream even in October. There's no bar or restaurant at the top, so we recommend packing a picnic.

A siren of the rocky trial to the top
The trail to the top of the mountain

This is a hike of about 4.5km each way and a climb of about 600mts. My 4 year old cracked it and was queen of the mountain getting to the top before all of us. Very proud daddy !!

The vast majority of the trail is in the woods and you can't really see the drop. Every now and then, you pop out of the forest and there is a fantastic view of the valley below, but unless you have really bad vertigo, this is a trail that all can do without any problems.

view of the green / blue waters of the goges of Canet a'Dri
The Gorges de Canet d'Adri

Once you have climbed to the top, explored the top of the mountain, taken a load of photographs, scared yourself silly on the cliff edge and come back down, stop off in the Gorges de Canet a'Dri for a swim and cool down in the Font de la Torre and if you fancy a beer or two, we recommend the Cruilla Food Truck run by Irene Planas.

a caravan serving beer and food
La Cruilla Food Truck

We were lucky to find this place tucked out of the way on the access road to the parking field. They are open all through the year, but if trade is a little slow or it's not a particularly good day, they will close early. It's best to phone ahead and if you want a meal there, you'll need to reserve. Today they were expecting a large group of cyclists for lunch and were open for a few beers and ice creams for the kids.

La Cruïlla food truck

Irene Planas 00 34 99501272

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