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October Walk to Tamariu

The best October walk to Tamariu along the Cami de Ronda from El Far de Sant Sebastien.

View of the sea and path with pine trees from the coastal path
Cami de Ronda a Tamariu

I know that I post a lot about the hike to Tamariu, but it really is a great short walk along the Cami de Ronda, perfect for kids, and the El Palangui restaurant is just lovely. Yesterday (2023), we were 7 and the bill came to €217. Starter, main, beers, wine, coffees and desserts. Obviously, if you all order lobster , it will be more..... But a tapas lunch of chipperones, calamars, steak, artichokes, chips, avocado and salmon, croquettes de sepia plus ice creams etc for the kids was very reasonable.

Panoramic view of the lighthouse and restaurant at El Far de Sant Sebastien not eh Costa Brava
Hotel El Far and the Lighthouse

We recommend parking up at El Far de Sant Sebastian lighthouse near to LLafranc and starting the walk from there. The Hotel at El Far has a good restaurant, but they won't serve you for drinks on the terrace. Pretty crazy, as there are dozens (if not hundreds) of people doing this walk every day.

view from the hill overlooking Llafranc from the lighthouse at El Far
LLafranc fro El Far

Here we are in mid October and there's still people on the beaches. From the end of August until the end of October, is the best time to visit the Costa Brava. Warm but not too hot and nice and cool in the evenings. The sea is still warm and all the restaurants are still open for half term holidays.

View of the Mediterranean Sea and coastal walk at Cala Pedrosa.
The Cami de Ronda at Cala Pedrosa

Things start to slow down to our "normal" at the end of October. Here's my 4 year old hiking the Cami de Ronda at Cala Pedrosa.

View of the Mediterranean Sea and pine trees along the coastal path.
The Cami de Ronda

The walk is about 4.3km one way and there are some fairly steep parts here and there, but nothing that a 4 year old can't handle with a little help. There were plenty of dog walkers as well, so I would rate this walk as a moderate family hike.

view of the coastal path to Tamariu
Coastal Path to Tamariu

Crystal clear waters at Tamariu and kids jumping into the sea from a diving platform
Tamariu Beach

Once you get to Tamariu, we highly recommend the restaurant El Palangui. We've been eating at this restaurant for 20 years and we've never had a bad meal there. The staff are superb, patient and very attentive..... We recommend the Almejas (clams) a la marinara, chipperones (baby squid), calamars, fillet steak (solomio), fideuá and the paella. We're pretty sure that the other items on the menu are equally lovely and don't forget the dry white wine and Jarras (pints of beer).

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