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The Vineyards of Calonge, wines and wine tourism.

Explore the Charming Wines and Vineyards of Calonge: A Wine Tourism Gem. (wines vineyards wine tourism)

Calonge valley is home to many beautiful vineyards, some of which such as Clos d'Agon are award winning and produce wines for the international market. Others, produce wines for the local market and are of a different style to the mass produced wines intended for the supermarket.

One of them, Mas Molla has been run by the same family since 1338 and has dozens of grape varieties enabling a diversity of vines and wines for the future. They have teamed up with the University of Madrid to gene sequence the lesser known vines and some were new to science and to date only grow at Mas Molla.

An old oak barrel with the names of the families that have ordered bottles from chalked on the front
Old barrels in the cellar

The wines are naturally fermented in a process that has remained unchanged for centuries and are organic, vegan and free from artificial chemicals and additives. As such, without any sulphites, it won't give you a headache in the morning. One of their wines is paired with a set menu at el Celler de Can Roca, a Michelin starred restaurant located in Girona.

At Cal Domino, we provide three bottles for you to try:

The first with a green cross on the cork is a Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) and Garnatxa. The wine has a flavour of red fruits, spicy pepper and dry tannin from the old barrels.

The second with the black cross on the cork, is the Jaque grape. This is unique to Mas Molla and doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world. It’s called the witches wine and was considered proof (along with being female and having a cauldron) of being a witch many years ago. It has an alcohol content of up to 16% which is close to fortified wines such as port. It has a slight black liquorice flavour with mature fruit and light tannin taste.

The last with the red cross on the cork is the Monastrell and Garnatxa grape. It has a taste of red fruit and a little acidity which gives a fresh sensation.

Like most red wines, they pair very well with Jamon, cheese, olives and fuet which we have provided in the welcome pack. We hope that you enjoy our local produce, Welcome to Cal Domino and “ Bon Profit” !

We highly recommend a tour at Mas Molla. Montse Molla speaks very good English, Catalan and French. The tour costs €10 per person (children go free) and ends in a tasting of some of the wines that they produce. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and Montse gives you a comprehensive talk about the vines, the land and 700 years of local history. We can organise a tour for you or alternatively, you can book direct with them.

Tel: 00 34 972 65 01 36

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