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Hiking the low Pyrenees

Now that the temperatures have dropped to the mid 20's and the hiking season has started, we took the day off and went Hiking the low Pyrenees. Today's "Santa Somewhere" was Els Bufadores de Bevi de Santa Maria de Besora.

A forest trail through beach forests in a gorge
Els Bufedores de Bevi

This is a good walk to do with the kids out of season as the forest track to get to the woods is very dusty and not very shady. It's only 3km each way, but on a hot summer's day, everyone will suffer.

There is another way to access these rock formations, but it takes you along the tops of the cliffs and is not really suitable for kids.

My wife and our 7 year old managed it with some scrambling, but I took our 4 year old along the dusty forest track as it was the safer option.

To get there from Casa Cal Domino take the main road towards Girona and then the beautiful main road through the National Park of Montseny towards the town of Vic and then follow the signs to Sant Quirze de Besora and then Santa Maria de Besora.

Googlemap directions are here

We recommend taking a picnic and plenty of water and suncream even out of season.

Cliffs and a forest autumnal trail through a gorge in Catalunya
Els Bufadores de Bevi

You can spend a good couple of hours here with the kids exploring caves and the rock formations. There's nothing really dangerous here so you can let them go and explore.

Once they've burn't off enough energy, we recommend stopping off at the cafe in Santa Maria de Besora. They serve up meals or just ice-cream and cold drinks and there is a good sized children's play park where the kids can totally exhaust themselves before the drive home.

As we were in that part of the woods, we decided to visit the Santuari de Bellmunt for a beer and to see the views as it was such a lovely day.

Be aware that Google Maps sometimes get things totally wrong..... It was telling us to follow a route that would have taken us up a GR walking trail to Bellmunt. Regardless what Google Maps say, the only way to access Bellmunt is from the south.....Go back towards Vic and then follow Google Maps

The round trip by foot was about 7km and the easy WIKILOC trail can be found here. The scary top of the cliffs trail can be found here

A Sanctuary and church on a mountaintop with forest valleys below
El santuari de Bellmunt

The Santuari de Bellmunt with the Serres de Milany-Santa Magdalena & Puigsacalm-Bellmunt natural reserve in the background. An interesting drive up and some stunning views.

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