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Casa Cal Domino
Luxury - Privacy - Location
Clothing Optional Private Villa with heated infinity pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and private terrace.

Congratulations ! You've found us !
We are a detatched villa offering private and secluded self-catering accommodation for Naturist and textile families alike. The Villa is rented as a whole and the owners are not on site. We understand that not everyone is comfortable going to a dedicated nudist resort (teenagers / textile partner) and for mixed naturist and textile groups, we offer private, clothing-optional accommodation where you can enjoy your holiday as you wish. The Villa is not overlooked and once inside the house and gardens, you can relax, enjoy your holidays, swim and sunbathe without tanlines.

Close to the Villa, we have 3 dedicated Naturist beaches, Illa Roja the largest and most popular, Cala Estreta a beautiful secluded beach and the nudist part of Platja Castell, all of which we recommend. There is also a naturist area at Roques Planes although there is no sandy beach there.

The majority of our trade though is with textiles and our business and website are geared to this. We used to have a Naturist page on our website, but we found that we were losing bookings...
You know how squeamish textiles can be !

If you're looking for nudist photos, then sorry, this is not what we are about.
If you are looking for a dedicated naturist venue here in Catalunya, we suggest the Naturist village at El Fonoll or locally, the campsite at RelaxNat
For all further enquiries about our beautiful Villa, please click Here and continue on our main website or use the tab links above.

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